Welcome to the Chaseydog Workspace, a blog dedicated to recounting my journey through the creation of a map for Farming Simulator 17. After a few failed attempts and more restarts than I care to admit to I can attest that creating a solid map for FS17 is no small task. At the onset I thought I’d be able to knock out a map in five weeks, well I’m about eight weeks into the project now and have quite a ways to go.

 So if it’s such a daunting task why bother? There are three reasons that come to mind. The first is that none of the maps currently available completely suites the way I want to play the game. I could certainly tweak an existing map to better suit my play style but creating one from scratch will ultimately lead to a clearer expression of my vision for a FS17 map. The second reason is a desire to share something I’ve created with the FS community. To be clear I’m creating the mod to suit my preferences and sharing it with the community rather than creating a mod that would have the broadest community appeal. The distinction may not be immediately obvious, and I’ll elaborate on this theme throughout the blog, but in a nut shell I feel that by focusing on implementing the features that appeal to me and not investing time and effort in the features I don’t find engaging that I can maintain the level of engagement and commitment needed to bring this map to fruition.

 The final reason, and the motivation for the blog, is to share in the mod creation experience with the modding community. While this map will by and large be a solo effort it is without doubt built on the shoulders of those who have come before me. And I think this is true of most map mods, that they are all too some degree collaborative efforts. We look to other maps for inspiration, we use assets created by others, we share knowledge in getting things done and we provide each other with feedback and encouragement.

My goal for the blog then is threefold, to share the maps progress, as well as its setbacks, to clarify what the map will be and what it will not be and to give you some insight into why I made the choices I’ve made and why I made them. Please feel free to comment or ask questions, I'll do my best to answer them them promptly.