The great sheep race

In my last post I mentioned that my increscent need to tweak things in the sheep and pig yards led to repeated stabs at their respective navmeshes. One of the tweaks that I was trying to work in on the sheep yard was FarmFarm’s Sheep Race Map Object Kit  available on FSUK. I spent the better part of a Sunday afternoon trying to incorporate some of the map objects from this kit into my sheep yard. My initial problem was that though I thought these objects look pretty cool I wasn’t completely sure how they would be used in real life. Fortunately the mod author added some example screenshots which can be found in the support thread for the mod. Unfortunately this new found knowledge did not result in a yard that had the look and feel I wanted so in the end I went back to the yard I started with that morning.

The next order of business was to build the livestock sales point. One of my goals for this map is to minimize my use of Giants assets from GCV so I started looking for some alternatives. None of the animal auction points I found on any of the mod sites really appealed to me but I did find one barn in teccer’s Farm Sheds pack , also available on FSUK, which looked like it had potential. At some point it dawned on me that I might be able to incorporate the some of the sheep race objects into the livestock sales point and after a bit of tinkering was quite pleased with the results.

As the farm now stands there is a straw sell point next to the cow and sheep yards but placing the straw sell point on the farm, as Giants tends to do, always struck me a bit odd. Why would you sell straw to yourself? I guess you could make the argument that your buyer is simply picking their freshly purchased straw up at your farm but it always seemed to be more of a way to make things easier on the player than a nod towards realism. While I like the look of the barn Giants uses for the straw sell point, particularly the green re-texture Stevie did, I felt this would be another good opportunity to use a non-Giants asset. Turning again to the farm shed pack I found a shed that looked the part and complemented the barn I’d used for the livestock sell point. I’m still undecided if the green barn on the farm will be removed or if I’ll keep it and make it less profitable than the sell point next to the livestock yard. This would give the player a choice between close by but less profitable or transporting the straw a bit further for more profit.

One disappointment, though as far as I know is true of any map, is that its not possible to create additional animal navmeshes for the livestock yard. I know some maps use static models but for me that's a greater immersion breaker than no animals at all. I'm guessing that one navmash per animal may be a limitation of the game engine but its disapointing all the same.

With most of the triggers now in place and functional I think I’ll change things up for a bit and start laying down some of the fields.

I'm very pleased that I found a way to incorporate the Sheep Race objects into my map

I'm very pleased that I found a way to incorporate the Sheep Race objects into my map