Yesterday's build started off well enough...

Yesterday's build started off well enough, I built a fenced in pasture around the cow and sheep yards, replaced some assets on the main farm, and did some play testing. This pasture, which is outlined by the dist road in the image below, will be the primary source of grass and hay for the sheep and cows. The blue areas highlight the cow and sheep yards. These blue areas are know as navmeshes and define the region where the animal can wander around. The theme that I'm going for is that the sheep and cows will have their own yards but that they will have access to a larger shared pasture. In game the animals will never actually leave the blue areas but the theme gives me a reason for fencing in the larger pasture.

So why do I want the pasture fenced in when I've already mentioned earlier that I'm going to minimize the use of fences as they limit your options for expanding fields. The plan is that the arable fields will still be (mostly) fence free and open to expansion, but I didn't want to eliminate fenced in fields altogether as I feel they can provide the player with a nice challenge as well as add a bit of variety to the feel of the map. The fenced in pasture seemed like a nice compromise.

After completing the pasture I decided some testing (ie playtime) was in order, as you can see in the images below.  

Next on the agenda was to do some field work, and this is where the day's work took a turn for the worse. Back in GE I added a few fields and defined one of them. I jumped back into the game and confirmed that I could plant and harvest wheat and the the hired worker wouldn't have any issues on the defined field. All of which went pretty well, until I noticed that when using the seeder I couldn't select oats, rye, millet or triticale, which I had added to the map a few weeks ago. 

I've mentioned earlier the need to test often and here is a prime example of where not doing so came back to haunt me. When I added these crops I did some testing, found some issues with harvesting, fixed those, and moved on. I never checked to see that I could actually plant the new crops in game. 

I was planing on upgrading the addtionalMapTypes.lua (which is needed for the additional crop types) from to anyway so now seemed like a good time to upgrade and fix the seeder issue. The good news is the upgrade fixed my seeder issue, the bad news is it introduced a new, and very peculiar issue with the harvester, as can been seen in the video below. I've got a few ideas about how to fix this that I'll cover in my next post.

Unfortunately the video, captured using nVidea Shadowplay is a bit dark. If anyone knows a fix for this please let me know. I may also look into using an alternative such as OBS.