Post 1.5.1 CompostMaster Error and Straw AddOn

Looks like there's an error cropping up on maps that incorporate the CompostMaster since the 1.5.1 update. This includes Nagce Valley.

Error: i3d 'H:/FS17Mods/CDF/NagceValley/maps/imports/compostMaster/fillPlanes/materialHolder.i3d' could not be found. MaterialHolder for CompostMaster placeable loaded successful!

I wasn't aware of the error until Tyson R on Iain Robson's Discord contacted me and let me know that Nagce Valley crashed to desktop on him after he installed the Straw Add-on the only error he could find was the one related to the CompostMaster MaterialHolder. If he deactivated the add-on the map would load without issue though the error would still appear in the log. Odd thing is that I'm running the Straw AddOn on Nagce without issue though when I checked my error log I was seeing the error as well.

I quick Google check showed that the error started occurring on maps incorporating the compost master after the 1.5.1 update. Fortunately, Maverick74 posted a fix to the error over on the official Giants forum

According to Mavericks post the error can be ignored, which was true in my case, but can easily be eliminated by commenting out the newMaterialHolder.Lua reference in the maps modDesc as described in the link above. I did a very brief test after commenting out the line and the CompostMaster was still operational and the error no longer appeared in my log so it appears that Maverick74 is correct that the CM does not require the script to run.

I suggested the fix to Tyson R and after commenting out the line the error cleared and the game would load correctly with the Straw Add-On activated. I have no idea why this would have affected his game and not my own, but if your running into a similar issue or just want the error cleared from the log follow Maverick74’s work around. I’ll try to release an updated version of the map on PS-SG latter this week as well.