BulletBill saves the day!

Map mods are rarely, if ever, solo projects. All of the maps assets, the tree's, barn's, roads, fences, silos, etc. come from other sources. There are a few map makers that create some of their own assets but by and large we are reliant on the work of others. There are a number of sources for finding assets for a map. Giants is one and assets are often pulled from one or more of the Giants maps. A second source is to pull assets from another map mod. A third source is when the asset creator uploads the asset to a mod portal. Often they do so as a placeable mod so that anyone can add the asset to their map without needing the gIants editor to do so..

One of the placeables that's making its way into a lot of maps is Dorsets's Animated Seven Bar Galvanized Gates. Dorset did a bang up job with these gates which is one of the reasons they are so popular, but the fact that he uploaded them as placeables means a bit of extra work needs to be done when importing them into a map through GE. I won't go into details here but I will post a link at the bottom of the post to a thread on FSUK that describes how to do so. 

The other day when I was discussing my problems with the additionalMapTypes script I mentioned there were no errors in my log file. Well that wasn't quite true, there were errors, just not ones I felt were related to the crop problem. There were however error relating to the way I had implemented Dorset's gates into my map. The gates all functioned correctly but when I reviewed the log I found the following error 

Error: Adding onCreate loaded object with duplicate saveId AnimatedObject_visable_gate

I knew why I was getting the error but was surprised to see it as I thought I'd taken the proper precautions to avoid it. I reviewed my .xml and everything looked right to me. I even tried deleting my code and re entering it but the errors persisted. The issue can come about when adding more than one gate to the map. What needs to be done to prevent the error is that each gates needs a unique name. So instead of three gates all named  sevenbar_gate_RH you need to name them something like sevenbar_gate_RH_01, sevenbar_gate_RH02, and sevenbar_gate_RH03. Which is what I had done and why I couldn't understand why I was getting the error.

As much as I like to solve my own problems there comes a time when you need to turn to those who really know what they're doing for help. So I posted my problem on the FSUK modding help forum and as luck would have it BulletBill83 (creator of Coldborough Park Farm) spotted my error and in short order provided me with a work around. Here's what it was, I had in fact given each gate a unique name, just not in all of the places I needed to. 

Massive thanks to BulletBill83 for helping out the new guy!

This brings me to my final point, the importance of checking the error log on a regular basis. Those errors had likely been there for a couple of weeks. The gates were working and I hadn't bothered to check the log in quite a while. I got lucky here as it was a relatively easy fix that didn't break anything else. I wouldn't be so lucky if fixing the error meant losing a week's worth of work just because I didn't check the error log consistently. 


Link to thread on implementing Dorsets gates with Giant Editor

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