Stuff got done

A bit of reorganization of the fields, there are now 12 arable fields for crops and three grass fields for silage and hay. The grass fields, including the fenced in pasture are now all proper fields meaning thier yeilds can be increased though fertilization.

Some initial work was done on the BGA facility, the bunkers seem to be working correctly as is the tip point for the silage. One of the bunkers gave me a spot of trouble, where in I could only dump grass/chaff in certain spots in the bunker. Initially I though is was an issue with the ground tip collision map but the actual culprit turned out simply be a miss positioned tip trigger. Milk fill and sell points have been added and tested so the map is Stop Milk mod ready.

I did have one issue that threw me for a few days. I could not get the AI to plant with the Lemken Solitar 12 on any of my fields, and no amount of playing around with the map set up could fix it. Ultimately I decided to shelve the issue and move on coming back to it at a latter time. Turns out this was a bug in FS and not my map and has since been sorted out in the latest patch.

Most of the last couple of days has been devoted to tweaking, and then fixing landscape issue. As I mentioned in the Field Work post the key to getting smooth transitions between hill and valley is to use a very large radius when smoothing. The unfortunate side effect is that you inevitably through something out of whack on the periphery of the radius which leads to a lot of detail work. Its a long and tedious process but hard to avoid if you want a realistic looking landscape.

Gully, or tractor bouncer as they're known around these parts.

Gully, or tractor bouncer as they're known around these parts.