Daryton Farm

The idea for this map has been kicking around for a while now, ever since I first played chris_7710's Drayton Farm back in the early days of FS15. Drayton was pretty basic, 8 large fields, one farm a couple of sell points and not much else. Drayton lacked features to be sure, there were no animals and no BGA but while Drayton was simple in concept the level of detail Chris instilled into the map gave it in my view a feel of authenticity that Westbridge and Bjornholm lacked. Drayton was my go to map for a long time, and while it was closer to what I wanted than either of the default Giants maps it wasn’t quite what I wanted.


Thus began my initial efforts with the Giants Editor. I spent a lot of time in GE tweaking Drayton to my liking, playing that iteration for a time and then tweaking some more. Eventually I pushed it to a point that broke my save irreparably but the things I learned then are serving me well in building Nagce Valley. Is Nagce Valley a spiritual succesor to Drayton, I'm not sure I'd go that far but without Chris's map its quite possible Nagce Valley would never have come to light.