Where to start...

I've been thinking a bit about the starting equipment for Nagce Valley. The starting equipment in Goldcrest valley seemed appropriate, good enough for the fields you started off with but not so powerful that upgrading and adding equipment would be unwarranted as your farm grows in size. I haven't decided which fields the player will start with on Nagce Valley but its safe to say the player will be starting with significantly more acreage than you would on GCV.

The average field size on GCV is 2.85ha, on Nagce its 18ha. The combined size of GCV's three starting fields is 3.42ha, the smallest field on Nagce Valley is twice that size. My current thinking is that Nagce's smallest fields, 10ha or less, will be owned by the NPC's in order to keep the required work time on at least some of the missions reasonable. This means that the combined acreage of Nagce's starting fields could well be in the 20 - 30ha range.

On GCV once you've reached the medium sized equipment there's little need to go bigger. On Nagce the medium equipment is a good starting point given the size of the starting fields but your eventually going to want to move up to the larger equipment. I could start the player off with the same starting equipment as GCV and some would argue that this would add to the challenge but I feel that it might make the map unnecessarily grindy.

Another option that I'm considering that takes advantage of Nagce's grass fields is to forgo the arable crop equipment, cultivator, seeder, tipper, and harvester that you typically start off with and start the player set up for grass and silage operations. I've never started a game this way and I think it could be an interesting variation though some play testing will need to be done to see how well that idea holds up.