Compost part 2

Owing to a business trip followed by a chest cold there has not been a great deal of progress on the map as of late. I’d hoped to have alpha out by now but its looks like that won’t happen before the week is out.

Prior to flying out to Phoenix last week I did find some time to incorporate additional Fabrik script functionality into the map. The Fabrik script allows modders to create services that convert one or more inputs into a new output. One of the more well-known Fabrik script mods is the Compostmaster2K17from Farmer Andy. CM2K17 takes two inputs, diesel fuel and a fill material such as potatoes, sugar beets or chaff and converts them to a single output, in this case in the form of compost.

Nominally there are two reasons for making compost, to use as a fertilizer or to sell for profit. The flexibility of the Fabrik script allows for a third possibility and that is to use the compost as an input for the production of another product. Early on I toyed with the idea of setting up a diesel production facility but I wasn’t happy with any of the options that already exist for FS. Fortunately the Fabrik script makes it relatively easy to bolt this functionality on to an existing structure. The in game cow manure facility’s been used in several Fabrik script mods and using an in game asset seems like a logical choice. As the facility is already set up for liquid manure it made sense to base the diesel production on a solid input, the compost, and a liquid one, though I settled on digestate rather than liquid manure.

The end result is that the CM2K17 and the Bio-Diesel facility complement each other, with the output of each serving as one of the inputs for the other.

There was one aspect of setting up the Bio Diesel plant that did prove a bit challenging. Many Fabrik script mods make use of a screen to display the name and amount of each input and output. The Fabrik script mod that I pulled the screen from took one input and had three outputs, while the Bio Diesel plant would require two inputs with one output. Losing two of the outputs and adding another input was nothing more complicated than some simple .xml edits. How to rename the inputs and outputs though was not readily apparent and as I learned from the video linked to below that it would require editing the file in In the end it was pretty simple edit but without the video I never would have guessed that I'd need to edit a .dds file.

Fabrik Script tutorial