Cry havoc, and let slip...

Nagce Valley version 1.0 is set for release tomorrow on PC-SG.UK. For those of you wanting a sneak peak Farmer Klein has a First Impressions sneak peak and if you haven’t been following the series already Iain Robson has been streaming our MP testing sessions on his YouTube channel.

I’ve written a detailed description of the map and a listing of credits for the assets that I used, which you will be able to find on the maps download page once its posted, but I wanted to post a piece of it here and go into a bit more in-depth discussion about my intent.


PC-SG is the only official host of the mod as well as the only site from which I will provide support for the map. Edits for personal use are permitted and highly encouraged. Distribution of the map to other sites without my permission is right out poor form; though most likely inevitable despite my wishes. If you are one of the parasites that >upload other people’s works without their permission please have some shred of decency and include my full list of credits

My desire is that PC-SG.UK is where you will choose to download the map from. If you haven’t been there already I highly encourage you to take a look even if you have no intention of downloading the map. PC-SG is an exceedingly helpful and friendly community focused on PC based simulation games. The site is still somewhat in its infancy but continuing to grow in membership and content and I hope you’ll take a chance to check it out for yourself. Aside from my fondness of the site one of the reasons I’m sticking to a single host is that it makes my life much easier in terms of uploading new releases and providing support. There is a possibility that I may release some version of the map on another site a bit further down the road but for now PC-SG is the place to go.

Before I discuss personal edits let’s get the elephant in the room, unauthorized hosting out of the way. I made a decision early on not to get butt hurt when the map shows up on the mod scraping sites that offer mods without the authors consent. While I understand why some fellow modders take mod theft to heart, pissing in the wind is not worth my time. I’m not saying that I don’t value my work, I most certainly do, as well as the work of all the other modders whose assets are used in my map, but it’s just not worth investing my time in a largely futile effort when I could be playing the game, working in GE, or hanging out with the community. My one hope, misguided as that may be, is that the FULL list of CREDITS will be uploaded as well.

Having swept that bit of unpleasantness out the door I’d like to talk about something that I feel is far more important to the future of our community, … Edits for personal use are permitted and highly encouraged.. Early on in this blog I spoke about Chris7710’s FS15 Drayton Farm map and how tweaking that map for my personal use built the foundation upon which this map is built. As much as I’ve gone on about how I first and for most made this map for myself I do hope that others will find it and enjoying playing Nagce Valley for a while. There is most definitely a high degree of satisfaction from seeing your map on YouTube, playing it with other in MP, or reading the comments of those who have given your creation a go. I’ll be honest tough, end of the day my greatest hope is that a few of you will like the map well enough but want something more, and that some of these individuals might just be inspired enough to fire up the Giants Editor and tweak Nagce Valley to better suit their play style. If you turn out to be one of these individuals please send me some screen shots or a YouTube video of what you’ve done, I’d love to see your interpretation of the map. I’ve already said that this is for personal use only but I understand how once you start adding your own personal vision you may want to share it with others. So here’s my proposal, if you make some substantial changes to the map, enough so that it has a different look in feel, drop me a line, I’ll look at what you have done and we will see how we come to an agreement wherein you have my blessing to share your version with others.

Where to from here…

It may be surprising to some of you but in the 33 or so weeks that I’ve been working on this map I’ve spent very little time actually playing this map. I’ve done a fair amount of in game testing but to date have not progressed beyond the first few days of game play in my SP game. Though I’ve started toying with some ideas for Nagce Valley v2 I wouldn’t expect to another release, other than point updates to fix issues, till towards the end of the year. Between now and then I plan on progressing my 12 day 1x speed Seasons play through to at least year 3 or 4. There are also games like Factorio, Rim World, and Assetto Corsa that I enjoy immensely but which have been sidelined during the maps development. I plan on getting some play time in on thee as well. There’s also a few new games to my library such as Cold Waters and The Sexy Brutale that will be queuing up for some play time.