Week 1

Nagce Valley was released just over a week ago and I'm feeling pretty good about how things have gone so far. The maps been well received on PC-SG and to date there have only been two support issues to deal with neither of which was game breaking and both of which have already been addressed through updates.

The first issue was brought to my attention by Shakey on the PC-SG support forum. Shakey let me know that he was unable to feed sheep hay bales. Loose hay and grass worked but the sheep feed trough would not accept bales. Farmer Klein confirmed the issues, poked around a bit in GE and let me know that the sheepBaleTrigger was missing from the sheep feed trough. A simple enough fix, but why didn't this get caught prior to release. We had been running sheep for a week or two on the private MP server, we were obviously feeding sheep so how did we miss it? Quite simply we were feeding the sheep loose grass and hay and it never occurred to me to test for bales as well. Bales take on a more significant roll with the Seasons mod particularly when used with the buy bales mod to get an early start on animals, so while the omission of the bale trigger was not game breaking it was problematic. The map was updated to ver. 1.0.1 resolving the issues with the bales, there were no other changes.

The second issue was brought to my attention a few days latter when I received an e-mail from Maestro Maestro letting me know that the addChoppedStraw.xml was missing from the map. Implementing Chopped Straw into a map is pretty straightforward, edit a few lines in the map01.i3d, add some texture, and include the addChoppedStraw.xml. I'd done all this prior to release and confirmed that chopped straw functioned as expected if the chopped straw for harvesters mod was in the mod folder. Here's why the addChoppedStraw.xml essentially, if unintentionally got chopped from the initial release. One of the last steps prior to releasing a mod is to export it from GE and zip it up in an archive. The export process can greatly reduce file size by eliminating duplicate or unneeded files. Unfortunately it often strips out some needed files as well that have to be added back in after the export, and I missed doing so with the addChoppedStraw.xml. Another easy fix and the map now stands at ver 1.0.2 with the addChoppedStraw.xml intact and chopped straw functioning as expected provided you have the mod in your mods folder.

The maps been picked up by a few Twitch streamers, namely wheels247 and chrisKimballGaming, and as I've mentioned before it's pretty exciting to see others enjoying your creation. Perhaps the greatest compliment though came from the Seasons devs when they used a screen shot of Nagce Valley for the Seasons GEO: U.S. Midwest addon. Speaking of Seasons I have to say that I'm really enjoying this mod but restarted my save with the release of v 1.1.0 and the Mid West GEO.

That's all for now, thank you to everyone who has downloaded the map.