RC1 – Release Candidate 1, going silver, a final beta with the potential to be the final product provided no significant bugs emerge.

After 29 weeks and somewhere between 500 and 700 hours of build Nagce Valley is nearing release. It’s been an incredible journey, one in which I severely underestimated the time and commitment that would be involved. Fortunately I did not make that journey alone and I like to personally thank everyone who played a part in the maps development. Without doubt the FSUK mod community played a huge part in getting me through the rocky parts of the trek, in particular akuenzi, bulletBill, and ccs101 all came to bat for me on more than one occasion and consistently proved they are indeed FSUK MVP’s. The feedback and insight that I’ve received from the beta testers, SpudBoi, Lewie, Countrygaming “Liz”, ipjrobson, MadAlex, and MitchyMitch12 has been invaluable and their commitment to testing out the map kept me motivated throughout the maps development. I would also like to thank Iain for hosting the map on his private server and for the live streams of the map that’s he’s done on his YouTube channel. There’s something very surreal and rewarding about seeing your map played out on YouTube as well as seeing your online friends enjoying your creation. Wonko and BigMatt from the PC-SG mod test team provided much needed feedback on the map that helped shap its development.

Next I’d like to thank all of the modders who created assets that have been used on my map. Map making is truly an endeavor that’s built on the shoulders of others; I’ve tried to make this list complete but if I’ve missed anyone please let me know so that I can update the maps credits.

Giants, NLD Farmers, Dorset, , Kevink98, Al_Bundy , Blacksheep/RC_Devil, Niko1410, teccer, MJD, Itisntworking modding, Justin, Killerrf, Luzog, Titoine76, Farmer Andy, , Niggels - Vertex Dezign, Stevie, easyhalls.com, Dajnet, Dogface, kingkalle - Team LTW, DocElyoc1, Robbie/rwm, Team Wild, Realistic Farmers, Desperados93, BulletBill, CSC101, mrbear, reallogger, Rahkiin, Realismus Modding, VASILISVASILIS31, JDFarms, Vanquish081

Some additional insight into Seasons optimizations I discussed in the last post is in order. In my last post I said that BulletBill had agreed to let me use some of his Seasons optimizations from CPFv3 on Nagce Valley. Well that wasn’t quite true, at least not when I wrote it. The reality was that ccs101 had agreed to let me use Seasons optimizations from the latest version of his Churn farm map. Somewhere between the time that ccs101 gave me his blessing and the release of both maps I had managed to confuse CPF and Churn and implemented the CPF optimizations. Once Churn Farm for Seasons released I realized my mistake and approached Bill for permission to use the CPF optimizations for which he has given me his approval. It occured to me that there were elements from both optimizations that would work well on Nagce Valley, so the Seasons optimizations that I’ve used takes from both BulletBill and ccs101’s work. Thank you again to both of you and to the authors of the respective Seasons-Textures.xml’s mrbear, reallogger, and Rahkiin.

Finally I’d like to thank YouTubers bdbssb and ShyWizad both of whom regularly post videos that will be of great interest to anyone building or modifying a map.

Over the months I’ve shared a number of gaffes I’ve made along the way and the solutions to getting them sorted, or at least mostly sorted, and it’s only fitting that I’ve one more to share before the maps release. While adding some additional detail to the map I exported some road signs from GCV to place alongside the roads on Nagce Valley. It’s a simple enough thing to do, I’d done it before, but this time around ran into an amusing predicament. The signs would look like one would expect them to in GE but once I popped in game the sign would be lying on its back as if someone had run it over.

After several unsuccessful tires at getting the signs to buck up and stand tall I turned to the FSUK modding help forum for an assist. Neurotek came through with the solution. Due to the signs dynamic properties, i.e. they fall over when you run them down, they are very particular to how they are placed in GE. Neurotek’s advise was

When you place a sign with (ctrl B) try not to adjust the height of its position after placement, don’t adjust the x,y, or z values after placing, you can rotate it slightly though

I’d been moving the signs around quite a bit after importing them but once I followed Neurotek’s advice the prob lem was solved.

My current plan is to release within the next two weeks, so let’s say sometime between July 14th to the 21st. As I’ve mentioned previously the mod will be released on PC-SG.uk and this will be the only site on which I’ll be providing support.