24 day challenge

So, I’m sitting here drinking a Stone Ruination double IPA, I’ve just finished tweaking Nagce Valley in preparation for the 24-day Season challenge, perfect time to blog a bit before firing up FS17 and giving this challenge a go. The prevailing line of reasoning in the 24 days Seasons club that Farm Klein Kicked off on PC-SG is that the 24-hour challenge should be played at 15x speed. I’ve never played FS at anything other than 1X and while the guys in the club offer some compelling reasons of going 15x I’m going to stick with 1x at least off the bat.

A 24-day season works out to a 96-day year, so to avoid immeasurable spans of boredom I’ve tweaked things a bit to ensure that I’ll keep busy.

  • All fields will be player owned with the intent is that I plant and harvest all 225ha of arable field in addition to working all 44ha to grass pasture land.
  • Sugar beets and poplar suck up a bit of time so I’ll be throwing them into the year one mix.
  • Animals, the conventional wisdom is to hold off in year one, start with sheep and avoid pigs at all possible costs. So, we will start with pigs.
  • Minimal use of Course Play or the helper AI. My play styles always tended towards do the work yourself which should help to fill out a 1x day.
  • Removed the seed and fert triggers from the farm. Both will now need to be supplied through the use of pallets or by hitting the triggers at the PC-SG sell point

I’m guessing that this should keep me busy at 1x but I guess time will tell.