Day 0

Day 0 the problem with piggy’s

Disclaimer – torn between the ideal that piggy’s get sold to the Petting Zoo and my love of bacon (#baconForTheWin, #lovesBacon, #baconUberAlles) The seasons devs simplified animal feed requirement by aggregating feed over the course of a year rather than making it dependent on season length. So end of the day it doesn’t matter if you are playing 6, 12 or 24 day seasons the piggy’s are going to woof down 2160 liters per piggy per year. Feeding the pigs over the course of the year can be broken down as follows.


I padded the numbers a bit to ensure that I didn’t come up short but the idea is that if I’ve got this in my coffers it should get the piggy’s through the year. So, 54k liters of corn, 27k liters of barley, 7200 liters each of canola, sunflower, and soybean and another 5400 liters of sugar beets should see the piggy’s through the year. Just to keep things interesting these crops will be located at the Nagce Valley Coop rather than at the farm silo, which means resources will need to be moved to ensure that the piggies don’t go hungry. Day 0 I’ll stack he larders to ensure no piggy’s goes unfed.

I Replaced most of the starting equipment with John Deere, with the exception of the big dog tractor which will be Class Xerion 5000. John Deere brings up the rest of the tractor line with a 8030, a 6210 and a 5150. New Holland convers the harvesting side of things with a CR 10.90 and a FR 850, though the 10.90 will be using a MacDon 45’ header and a Capello corn header rather than the NH kit. Some support equipment such as a milk truck, a diesel tanker and a digestate tanker have also been added.

Mods of note include Seasons 1.1.0, a tweaked version of the MidWest Geo that re-enables sugar beats, the manure mod, the solid manure placeable and the chopped straw mod.