Day 01

Spent most of the day in the JD 6210. First up was filling the water troughs for the pigs and sheep, before I could feed the pigs though I needed to move some crops I had stored over at Nagce Grain Store to the bunkers on the farm. I set the Farmking auger up at one of the bins and jumped in the JD 8530 leaving the 6210 connected to the Farmking for power. I then spent the next hour or so moving my corn, barley. sunflower and soybeans from NV Grain store down to my bins. With a bit of practice I'm getting more proficient at moving the auger between the bins. The final run to NV Grain was to bring some sugarbeets to one of the root crop sheds.

After feeding the pigs I'm back in the JD 6210 to head up to PC-SG Tactor and Grain to buy some hay and straw bales. I'll be the fist to admit I'm a bit out of practice when it comes to stacking bales but in the end I got them loaded up and back down to the animal farm. After that it was a simple matter of feeding the sheep their hay and running a load of straw over to the pigs.


The rest of the day was spent mucking fileds 4 and 5 and getting about a third of field 3 done before the sun fell for the day. There's not much solid manure at the pig yard yet so I had to make repeated runs to the manure sell point at PC-SG to get these fields mucked.


On my last run up to PC-Sg the owner let me know that my new JD R4050 sprayer was fully preped and ready for pick up. Left the JD 6210 and manure spreader up at PC-SG and drove the new sprayer back to the farm. Fortunately there was no late night traffic to deal with, that 4050 really eats up a lot of the road.